Montopolis Friendship Community Center

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Montopolis Friendship Community Center
403 Vargas Road | PO Box 4691 | Austin, TX  78765-4691 | 512-385-0294 |


Montopolis Friendship Community Center is a tax-exempt, non-profit corporation formed as a United Methodist Women's response to hep meet some of the needs in the Montopolis community of Austin, Texas. 

  • To encourage personal involvement of persons living in Montopolis and other areas in the life and work of the center. 
  • To promote programs within and outside the life of the center that meet the needs of the neighborhood.
  • To provide and enable services with special emphasis on women and children.
  • To encourage the sharing of insights gained with the larger community.
  • To bring persons of varying ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds together for mutual enrichment and to meet needs.
  • To bring about needed community changes through cooperative action and sharing.
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