Our history

How We Got Here

The project, which became Montopolis Friendship Community Center (MFCC), began in January 1956, organized by the Women’s Societies of Christian Service of the Methodist Churches of Austin. The initial effort provided financial and volunteer help to the Emmanuel Methodist Church kindergarten at 200 Brushy.

After one year, the group looked for an area of greater need, since that neighborhood was served by several agencies. In Montopolis they found an area isolated from most agency services. The schools, police, City Planning Department and Parks and Recreation Dept. deemed the need for help there urgent.

The women prevailed upon the School Board to allow them to use an old school building in what they began the first bi-lingual kindergarten program in Austin. To finance this effort, a thrift store was opened adjacent to the school offering good used items to the community. A Mother’s Club promoted parent involvement. On Sept. 6, 1957, the project was officially named the Montopolis Friendship Community Center.

Until June, 1961 the program operated in the school building. When that property was turned over to Parks and Recreation for a new swimming pool/playground, the women and MFCC acquired title to the school building. With help from Parks and Recreation, they moved the building several hundred yards east to 403 Vargas Rd. It was considered important that the project remain at the same location.

New needs continued to arise, and in 1965, 1100 square feet were added to the school for a health clinic and community room. In 1982 a second  building for two new classrooms was built to house the school children.

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